Appliance Etiquette: Do You Tip Appliance Delivery Guys?

Changing homes is on at every stage of life. Most people change apartments due to new jobs, steps, or life processes, or at least when moving out of your parent’s house. New appliances or gadget rearrangement often accompany relocation or have of home. Appliance delivery tipping is the most underrated part of the relocation process. Although not compulsory, most people think, ” why should I? After all, they are just doing their job.

Delivering alliances can be cumbersome and stressful, especially in a house where the elevator doesn’t work or the appliances are too big for the elevator. The amount of work needed can also be very high if it is a new building or an apartment on the top floor. It is easier to underappreciate the delivery guys. After all, most of the job is done by them, and we have to go in their direction and monitor their movement to our house.

Delivering appliances is a complicated process; although Appliance delivery tipping is not compulsory, you can brighten someone’s day or make their day feel better. I guess we won’t say no to blessing humanity. The quality of the service delivered can play a huge role in motivating you to tip the appliance delivery guys. If you are satisfied with the quality of service rendered to you, you won’t consider it twice before tipping the worker after a grueling and excellent quality job.

Why you Should Tip the Appliance Delivery Guys

Most people are used to the culture of visiting restaurants and tipping the waiters, some countries or restaurants even have some unwritten guidelines on the percentage of how much to tip, it is not written literally in the menu, but we are all aware and tip regardless because we were offered a quality service. It is common for people to increase the tip for a specific waiter if they compressed more than others or the client is in a good mood or happy.

The same principle applies to appliance delivery guys, just like the waiters in your favorite restaurant. You need to ask yourself do you tip the appliance delivery despite receiving a premium service from them. The quality of service rendered is enough reason to tip any work, significantly if they helped make your life easier. It is also a significant part of appliance etiquette in most countries, even though it is not mandatory.

Although appliance delivery tipping is optional and should come willingly, especially if the job is perfectly done, below are common reasons to tip or express gratitude to the delivery workers:

  • Job Complexity: Moving alliances can be very hectic. It even gets more complicated when the appliances are bigger than the narrow entrance of your home. The appliance delivery is complex because they need to ensure that they are intact and without any damage during transportation.
  • Financial Benefits: Some companies charge an extra fee for transport while some offer free shipping for the appliances purchased. You can replace the shipping fee with the amount spent on appliance delivery tipping and still get to make someone smile or their day complete.
  • Etiquette: it is one of the numerous unwritten rules in the transport industry. Although, you have a choice and can decide not to tip anyone. Tipping Is one of the vital etiquettes of the transport industry. Appliance delivery tipping portrays you as a nice person, and it could go a long way for the workers, especially after a long day of moving your appliances around your home. You can do better by tipping the hardworking worker for moving those big pieces of furniture through those narrow spaces and doors of your home.

Despite having the freedom of choice for tipping appliance delivery workers, now you have enough reasons to decide to tip the next appliance delivery worker that comes to your home.

How to Decide How Much to Tip Appliance Delivery Guys

Do you tip the appliance delivery guys more than waiters in the restaurant or other workers in other spheres of life? The general rule is to treat the same way based on the quality of service rendered and other factors surrounding the transportation of the appliances.

There are gender factors to consider before concluding on the amount to tip the appliance delivery worker. The common factors that guide you in deciding the right tip for appliance delivery include:

  • Delivery Difficulty: The amount of tip can be influenced by the difficulty of the delivery. It would help if you considered things like the size of the appliances, number of stairs, floor level of your home, size of entrance and homes, Moving the appliance could be tricky if the spaces or access to your room are smaller than the appliances making the transportation more difficult. The number of appliances or factors like swapping old for new ones can also determine the complexity and difficulty of the appliance transfer.
  • Service Quality: Premium or first-class service quality is the motto of every company or organisations. Impressive quality of service by the appliance delivery team should reflect in the tip given to them. The higher the quality, the higher the tip you should give them. Consider how many of your appliances are left intact without damage or misplaced parts.

With all the above information on why and how you should decide your tip for appliance delivery guys, the next time someone asks you, do you tip appliance delivery guys? your answer should be yes, based on the performance and impression.