How Long Does a Refrigerator Last?

You can’t imagine your home without a fridge because it is one of the main household appliances for a comfortable living. Such household appliances are quite expensive and may work for several decades if you adhere to the appropriate exploitation rules. There are quality models from reliable manufacturers that can last up to 18-20 years. But you may also purchase more cost-efficient ones and the life span of refrigerators here can last for a maximum of 3-5 years.

Improper use of such equipment could lead to breakdowns or damages that are difficult to fix on your own. A fridge might fail due to deterioration of some parts or other reasons. It is important to remember that any electrical device needs to be handled properly to work for a long time and be in good working conditions not just with a warranty. Some malfunctions could be serious and you’ll need the help of experienced professionals. Contact SD Pro Appliance Repair Service for qualified experts to quickly and efficiently eliminate any breakdown or damage.

Refrigerator Exploitation Rules

Most of the fridges damages are due to the result of improper use by their owners. This might be incorrect installation, defrosting, overfilling of internal compartments, lack of cleaning the condenser, and so more. There are certain tips to keep your cooling machine in good working condition:

  1. It is not necessary to put the thermostat pointer and temperature sensor above the middle scale. You increase the load on the appliance and the temperature inside decreases insignificantly.
  2. After defrosting, do not load the inner compartments with food. Turn your device on and wait until it reaches the set temperature before use.
  3. Do not place the refrigerator in an exterior area (garden or yard). Temperature changes have a bad effect on the details of this technique.
  4. You turned off the refrigerator and turned it on after a couple of minutes. This might damage the compressor motor. Experts recommend waiting 7-10 minutes between these actions.
  5. Leave the drain under the evaporator empty. This place should not be covered with food because condensation flows through the bridge between the chambers. A blockage can lead to pipeline corrosion and your equipment will fail prematurely.
  6. If you plan to defrost your cooling appliance, use warm water and soft cloths to wash it. Do not pick off the ice with a knife or other sharp objects because you may damage the evaporator.
  7. Experts advise against using detergents. Use only water and a wiper to clean the internal cells.
  8. Remember the right place for installation. It should be slightly far away from the walls,  heating systems, electrical appliances, and electric stoves. Also, the sun’s rays should not be able to directly hit the body of your refrigerator.
  9. If you have set it to the fast freeze mode, this should operate for 4-6 hours. Then turn it off, otherwise, the compressor motor would quickly break down. Timely shutdown prolongs the average life of the refrigerator.
  10. Your fridge may have a self-defrosting function, but you still need to unplug this from the power. This mode may not allow you to see all the freezing on the walls, so you need to completely turn it off and give some time for all the ice to melt.

The Most Common Breakdowns

There are various reasons why your cooling & freezing device is out of order or damaged. Its service life did not suddenly come to an end, there are consequences of improper use of such equipment. Fridge owners often use it carelessly and forget to set the correct modes or turn them off. Also, many people do not clean the condenser, which reduces the life of the cooling machine. Various errors can lead to the following breakdowns which must be promptly repaired.

  • Lighting disappeared inside the compartments.
  • Your fridge doesn’t turn on or off.
  • The equipment makes a lot of noise during operation.
  • The icebox camera does not cool products enough.
  • The freezer cell does not freeze.
  • The technique turns on but turns off quickly.
  • You feel an electric shock when you touch the door.
  • An unpleasant smell appeared inside.
  • You have noticed water under the machine.

Don’t ignore such signs; this can lead to complete damage to your refrigerant equipment. The correction of such problems should be entrusted to the experienced specialists. SD Pro Appliance Repair Service provides you with real experts who have performed more than a hundred renovations of varying complexity degrees. We work with different brands and models of refrigerators, so eliminating any malfunction or damage efficiently.

How to Extend the Service Life?

There are simple tips to help you keep your appliance operating longer. If you adhere to the rules of operation, then your icebox will work correctly. And additional tips can help your fridge last longer.

  • Life expectancy for refrigerators depends on many factors such as the washing of the condenser. This is a massive grille located at the back or bottom of the equipment. This element performs an important function of heat exchange; therefore, its regular cleaning helps to extend the life of the cooling equipment by 5-10 years. Experts recommend cleaning this component 1-2 times a year. Warning, disconnect the icebox from the power supply first.
  • It is important to put food in the compartments correctly. You don’t have to overload the compartments. Leave free space so you would. not impede or obstruct the aeration and preservation of each product. It is important to remember that the more the contents in the fridge, the lesser the cold air it contains.
  • Choose the right place to install your appliance. Confined spaces can obstruct the air circulation from the condenser. Also, this cooling machine must not be placed on a heated floor. It is better not to insulate the floor in the kitchen to avoid problems with choosing a location for the refrigerator. Or, you make an uncoated patch and put this equipment there.
  • It is important to keep the seal clean; utility to use soap and water. With a right seal, cold air remains inside the icebox chamber and warm air will not go inside. Open your equipment correctly (by the handle or button) not by grasping or crushing the seal. It is easy to check the quality of the tightness of the sealant – pass a sheet of paper through it, and if it holds tight, then everything is in order.
  • Divide food into compartments. Use each camera as intended. Remember that the temperature in the fridge door is higher so eggs or milk spoil faster. Get special shelves to help you stack salad bowls on top of each other. This helps to give more space for free air circulation in the inner chamber. Correct distribution of food provides the necessary energy consumption for cooling each cell.

Why Prof Fridge Installation Is Required?

If you want to know how long a refrigerator lasts and plan to do everything possible to make it work for a long time, then follow some simple recommendations. Any top-branded fridge would be repaired fast by using only original parts for replacement. If you are going to replace the refrigerator, then our company helps you with dismantling the old model and installing a new one.

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