How to Clean the Fat from a Deep Fryer?

Deep fryers are fast becoming an indispensable part of our kitchen wants and equipment. The prevalence of deep fryers is incurring due to the increased attraction to fried foods and busy schedules. How to clean deep fryers is slowly becoming a necessary skill in our lives. Despite the importance of these skills, they could cause more harm than good if not correctly done by professionals. It is advisable to enroll professionals frequently to avoid inviting more charges for money for replacing the oil or other vital components of the deep fryer.

Deep frying is now a pervasive part of our cooking process. It is common because we eat more fried foods in this generation, not just because of the excellent taste, of course, the increased workload and the busy schedule of most jobs lead to people grabbing a portion of fast food when they get home or visiting the closest fast-food restaurants. Since we have established the importance of deep frying in our modern cooking process, now we understand why we need to pay attention to keeping them clean and safe.

It is essential to keep our kitchen appliances clean and proficient, especially those we use for baking and frying frequently. The grease and oil deposits left on our dryers and cooking appliances can cause significant harm to our health, especially If you don’t use clean fryer oil. Enrolling the cleaning service of professionals to help you clean your deep fryers and other cooking appliances would help you save money in the long run and keep you healthy.

Why Should I Enroll Professionals for my Deep Fryer

Cleaning a deep fryer is a necessary process that professionals should do appropriately, primarily if you work in restaurants or deep fry your foods regularly. Self-cleaning may seem tempting and fun until something goes wrong. The excess grease left on your cooking appliances could become sticky, smelly and harmful over an extended period if left untreated or cleaned. Below are the most common benefits of employing professionals to clean your deep dryer:

  • Cost Friendly: cleaning your deep fryer regularly can prevent future damage to your appliances and save you from future expenses incurred on constant oil replacement or fixing damaged parts of the fryer. It is easier to damage the appliances when trying to clean yourself at home. People often use the wrong quantity or quality of fryer cleaning tools. It is recommended to enroll the services of professional cleaners.
  • Health Benefits: Consistent consumption of fried or greased foods, especially with regular re-used oils, are the primary cause of cardiovascular diseases. These grease and old oil often stick together to form complexes that harbor dangerous bacteria and germs. They also contribute to the unpleasant taste and odor of food fried with these deep fryers. Endure that you clean your deep dryer regularly and adequately to prevent spreading infections or health hazards to your customers or family members.
  •  Quality Food: The quality and taste of the food can often change when influenced by the reuse of oil mixing with the ingredients used for cooking. The taste and quality of food are some of the significant criteria of an excellent fast-food restaurant. If you work in a restaurant or kitchen, getting a clean fry is necessary to improve your company. Contact professionals frequently to help you clean your deep fryer, so the flavor and taste of your food product will be left unchanged.
  • Product Durability: kitchen appliances often get spoilt or worn out quickly due to quick maintenance and improper cleaning. Professional cleaning makes sure that your appliances last longer and low frequency of part replacements. The amount spent on part replacements is almost equal to the price of a new deep fryer. Save yourself a lot of stress and money by allowing professionals to clean your appliances consistently.

Steps on How to Clean a Deep Fryer

Cleaning a deep fryer can be done in many ways and procedures. Most professionals prefer to clean it through the boiling method. The boiling method of cleaning is a process that uses steam and cleaning agents to remove oil debris and contamination materials from your deep fryer. The basic steps  for cleaning your fryer includes:

  • Oil Drainage: The first step is to eliminate debris formed by the old oil in the deep fryer. It would be best if drained it out because it may have formed debris and become a harbouring ground for germs and bacteria. It can be drained with an oil caddy or discharge container.
  • Debris Removal: After removing the old oil debris, you need to confirm if extra particles are on the fryer, especially along the drain line. You can use professionally recommended  draining rods to remove any leftover debris after the initial drainage
  • Remove any undrained fat with boiling water
  • Clean with Cleaning Tools: After cleaning with hot water, rinse thoroughly with a mixture of cold water and fryer cleaning tools. Boil the mixture for about 20 minutes.
  • Drain and Brush: Drain the dryer and use a specific dryer brush to remove any extra particles after draining.
  • Renewal: perform a final rinsing to ensure that all debris is removed. After that, you can refill your deep fryer with your new oil, powder or stabilizers

As these steps look simple, it is easy to make mistakes that could cost you tons of money or damage your appliances. It is recommended to enroll professional cleaners so that you can save yourself from self- inflict damages during cleaning by yourself. Contact a professional now.