How to Install a Cooktop

The kitchen has always been the heart of any home. Therefore, people try to make it not only functional but also stylish and comfortable. More and more customers are moving away from bulky appliances and furniture. Recently, massive stoves are being replaced by compact hobs, which are becoming an integral part of the kitchen set. 

Any model is embedded in an existing surface. However, despite the seemingly simple process, it is not recommended to carry out it yourself. It is better to turn to professionals in this matter who know how to install a cooktop. You can order this service on our website. Just leave an online request or write to our email.

Cooktop Benefits in the Modern Kitchen

Today, the hob can be found in many kitchens. It looks modern and stylish. Besides, the stovetop has many positive aspects. Among them: 

  • Rapidly heated surface to a certain temperature. 
  • Perfectly smooth surface that allows for optimal maintenance of the stove.
  • Significant savings in electricity.
  • Safety for children (exclusion of high temperatures, gas, and open fire).

As you can see, this option has a lot of advantages. Therefore, it is not surprising that you also wanted to have this stove in your home. Our experts accurately perform all types of wiring on a cooktop. Each has its nuances and rules. Let’s not beat around the bush and consider both options separately. 

How to Install the Cooktop: General Requirements

This appliance is available in electric or gas format. It refers to the difference in panel mounting but the general rules remain the same. Self-installation of such equipment requires knowledge of many important nuances, so it is better to entrust it to professionals. The main rules are:

  • A ventilation system is obligatory. Modern hygiene and safety rules prescribe that an extractor hood should be installed above any hob. If this cannot be done, then be sure to install a high-power fan on the window.
  • The source material for the countertop can be anything. But its heat resistance does not go below 100°C. Therefore, the thickness should be within 25 mm (not thinner).
  • If the installation is done between two cabinets, then you need to leave a distance from the wall of each to the stove at least 15 cm. To the kitchen wall, the requirements are slightly reduced, but you still should not step over the threshold of 5 cm. Otherwise, a master should lay a heat-insulating material between the wall and the panel.

Mounting the Countertop

The surface of the tabletop has to be sawed off. A jigsaw is best for this. A specialist usually uses the following instruments:

  • special sealant;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • clamps.

After meeting the general requirements, the process consists of the following simple steps:

  1. The instructions usually indicate the measures of the panel. There should be a gap of 1-2 mm between the panel and the tabletop.
  2. Better to attach and circle the cardboard layout first.
  3. The space between the hob and the edge of the worktop must be at least 5 cm.
  4. Drill the corners of the tabletop with an electric drill.
  5. Saw carefully along the marked lines from one cut corner to another.
  6. Close the edges of the tabletop in the places where it has been cut with a special seal (included with the purchase). It is also recommended to use a silicone sealant to protect the countertop from the negative effects of excessive moisture.
  7. Lower the hob into the resulting niche.
  8. Firmly fix the surface using special clips, securing them with self-tapping screws – this will hold the panel in one place.

Further actions depend on the method of connection. Our specialists in San Diego (and in other cities like Casa de Oro-Mount Helix, Bostonia, Fairbanks Ranch, Granite Hills, La Presa, Winter Gardens, California, etc.) have all the necessary certificates and approvals to work with complex electrical and gas equipment. They perform work efficiently and quickly. We give a guarantee for all types of work. 

Fixing a Gas Stovetop

Due to the specificity of connecting such equipment, only an employee of the special service should do it. Poor-quality work can lead to tragedy. The installation of a gas hob takes into account all safety measures.

When connecting, it is necessary to take into account the type of gas supply: main or cylinder. The jets can be unscrewed with a cylinder using wrenches 6.7 and 8. For main gas, they are suitable with a large hole diameter.

The panel is connected to a gas source with a special flexible hose. In combinatory panels, it is worth installing a thermal shut-off valve for added safety. It will shut off the supply if the temperature goes over the threshold of 80 degrees.

In the end, the master examines all joints for tightness. The gas valve must be operated and easily accessible. Then he adjusts the burners to check the strength of the connection and eliminate possible leaks. For the convenience of measuring, a gas counter is used.

How to Fit an Electrical Cooktop

Electrical panels are very reliable, durable, and easily removable. So, they become more and more popular among consumers. However, they have some mounting features that should be taken into account. An initial grounding check is of great importance in connecting. The second important rule is the prohibition of adapters and extension cords.

Installing a socket for a hob has its features. You need to take care of its location before starting work. Therefore, you must carry out repair work in advance and remove the kitchen box. It is necessary for laying a new wiring channel. Only after that, a hole is cut in the rear wall of the furniture.

Due to the high power consumption, it is undesirable to plug the device into a socket. It is connected directly to the mains. The cross-section of the wires must correspond to the power consumption. It is best to immediately draw a separate line that contains required electric threads from the electrical panel to the stove, and also install a separate circuit breaker (RCD) on the panel. 

Services We Provide

Despite the quality and well-known brands, any technique can go out of order. If you have any problems, do not try to fix them yourself, contact the specialists. The SD PRO Appliance Repair experts help you cope with any problems with your home devices. We work with different brands and models of household appliances:

  • Hotpoint;
  • Samsung;
  • Bosch;
  • LG;
  • Indesit;
  • Whirlpool, etc.

In case of malfunctions after installing a stovetop or with an already installed one, our technicians quickly come to the place and fix all the problems. They diagnose and establish the cause of the breakdown. Contact our managers in San Diego and other cities.