How to install a new refrigerator

Many people face a problem when their kitchen equipment stops working. This leads to a search for a problem, a call to a master, diagnostics, and high repair costs. But some breakdowns of different equipment (washing machine, microwave oven, stove, refrigerator, etc.) may be faulty and then you think about buying new equipment. Now you have a new problem – fridge installation. Also, this situation can happen if you move to a new home and buy new equipment in the store. Many points of sale will provide you with delivery, but not all will provide you with a specialist for installation.

If you do not know how to install the refrigerator and configure all its functions, then the best option is to seek professional help. These experts will make your technique work with the correct installation and settings. You do not need to do this yourself because there may be electrical questions that require certain knowledge. If your technique has not been installed yet, then there is no need to wait. Our masters will come very quickly and you can enjoy your favorite products fresh. A refrigerator is an important kitchen appliance and it is difficult for us to imagine our life without this equipment.

Correct installation of the refrigerator

There are some simple tips to help you set up this hardware. Some models may have certain features that are important to take into account. But not all equipment has too high installation requirements. If you are thinking about how to install a refrigerator, then it won’t be too difficult. Many models are very easy to install, but you need to follow certain guidelines to choose the right place, mark the angle of installation, find a network connection, make settings if your refrigerator has a screen, etc. These tips will help you make this procedure very easy.

  • Choose a location and leave a small space between the fridge and the wall (about 10 cm). It is important that the system does not overheat in the technology.
  • Before connecting the refrigerator to the mains, carefully check the serviceability of the socket and the correct supply of electricity. There should be no power surges or surges. In some cases, power outages can lead to a short circuit and burnout in the system.
  • It is forbidden to place this equipment near a gas stove, oven, or radiator. The minimum distance between them should be 50 cm. Other equipment can heat the refrigerator wall, which will also lead to overheating of the system.
  • Some experts advise tilting the refrigerator back a little. You can choose a small stand and place it on the front legs of the equipment. This is necessary so that the refrigerator door closes completely.
  • You cannot put this technique on a balcony or near a window because the structure of the fridge can overheat if direct sunlight falls on it.

Many people can have problems with this technique after installation and often this is the reason for their wrong actions. Not all of them follow such advice and this leads to breakdowns that appear over time. The best solution is to find the help of an experienced technician who will install your equipment correctly. Installing a new fridge can take a few minutes if you follow the rules. Also, after this process, the technique may malfunction, and we will describe some of them.

Why does not the refrigerator turn on?

In some cases, such a problem occurs due to an external factor and not due to internal failure. This is especially true when your equipment is new. Look at the interior lighting – this is the first sign to find the cause of the problem. Many masters advise doing this so that people can find the cause on their own.

  • If the light in the refrigerator is on, then finding the cause will be a little more difficult because the first symptom is a problem with the wiring.
  • If the light is off then you need to check the outlet and power. Look at the wiring and find out if the electricity supply works. Also, check the plug that is connected to the refrigerator.

The problems will become more serious if the light is on. It would be better to seek help from a professional who knows the internal system of this technique. General diagnostics will allow you to find the cause of the breakdown, replace the non-working part if necessary, and return your equipment to full functionality.

Other reasons for the breakdown of the refrigerator:

  • The thermostat is broken. In other words, when the temperature in the chambers of your equipment rises, a signal is sent from special sensors to the motor-compressor, it starts up and the cooling cycle begins anew. But such a temperature control system can fail and you will not hear any sounds like a compressor breakdown. Here you will need to replace a part that will be suitable for your refrigerator model. It is important to know that this system can be of two types: a thermostat device in mechanical types of refrigerators and an air sensor in digital ones. The problem may be another: the refrigerator does not turn on after defrosting, but not because of a malfunction, but because of your inattention. Do not forget to move the temperature sensor from the “defrost” position to the “frost”.
  • The compressor is broken. This problem is easy to understand – you will hear a clicking sound when the refrigerator wants to turn on. It is difficult to figure out how to replace it yourself, so you will need the help of an expert who uses a special device. Such a malfunction does not happen with a new refrigerator installation, most often it is a breakdown of a model that has been working for a long time. The reasons for such a breakdown: turn-to-turn circuit, a short circuit on the equipment case, or the scrolling cut off. There are two ways to solve the problem: a complete flashing of the control module or its replacement. Repairing such a problem will be the most expensive because you will need to completely replace the part.

If your refrigerator has a problem that occurs during installation or during its operation, then experts advise you to find a master who has experience and knowledge of this technique. Not all breakdowns can be simple and you can fix it yourself. Your equipment requires special attention, so you shouldn’t risk fixing it. If you know how to install a fridge, but in the process, you got a problem, then contact our experts for qualified help. This will be the best solution in order not to lose equipment and buy new ones.

Brands and models we work with

Our team of experienced craftsmen has performed over a hundred works on the repair and installation of refrigerators. We have all the necessary diagnostic tools and can fix any breakage in refrigerator models that belong to brands such as Viking, Hotpoint, Miele, Sub-Zero, U-line, Wolf, Kenmore, Magic chef, and Bosch. If you don’t know how to install the refrigerator, then there is no need to wait – our technicians will come to you very quickly and install the following equipment from Jennair, Dacor, GE, Amana, Electrolux, Admiral, and Thermador.

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