How to Repair Scratches on Glass Cooktop

Your home has a beautiful glass cooktop, but scratches have appeared on the surface. The reasons can be different: from dishes to accidents. Your cooktop loses its original appearance and such scratches do not look very aesthetically pleasing. There are many reliable methods to fix this problem, but you need to know that you can damage the cover or structure of the glass. We advise you to seek professional help to get the most effective and safe cleaning.

In our company, you will also receive qualified assistance in the repair of electric stoves and other household appliances. If you have an electric stove troubleshoot, then we do not recommend trying to fix it yourself if you do not have the appropriate electrical skills. Our experienced craftsmen will make repairs of any complexity so that you don’t have to think about buying new equipment.

Simple rules to avoid scratches

Your cooktop can look perfect if you follow the simple guidelines for using it. This will help prevent scratches, cracks, and other damage to the surface to preserve the glass. The countertop stove should also be cleaned if scratches appear – our technicians will take care of any problem as soon as possible. But these rules apply not only to glass cooktops but also to types of other materials:

  • The glass can be damaged by the claws of your pets. There are “armored” types of glass where the surface has a protective coating. It looks reliable, but you don’t need to do tests to check the strength of the glass.
  • Small or big stratches can appear from plates, cups, glasses, and other utensils made of metal, wood, glass, or ceramics. Food leftovers or crumbs may be added to the bottom of such dishes. All this leads to friction and scratches on the glass cooktop.
  • The glass surface may be stained or scuffed by water. You will need to wipe it down regularly to remove dirt and the glass looks perfectly clean and clear.
  • It is important to place the cooktop away from children’s games so as not to harm the surface. Also, glass can be dangerous for children if they break it or break the corner.
  • If you want the glass to be always clean, remember to cover it when cleaning. This is important because water or detergent may splash onto the surface.

There are several easy ways to avoid scratching. Such measures will help you to make the glass perfect and not get stained or damaged. Any surface difficulties can be solved even if these are ceramic cooktop problems. Some methods are very simple and you should not forget to do this so that your cooktop always looks clean and tidy.

  • Use coasters or napkins to place the dishes and avoid scratching the surface. You can also choose a beautiful tablecloth with an original design so as not to obscure the authenticity of the glass cooktop.
  • Designers advise using a protective film that works on the principle of covering a smartphone screen. It will be invisible but will protect the glass from scratches. Also, some people choose double glass so that the upper one protects the main one – the lower one from damage.
  • Another great solution would be a modern option. Use an almost invisible rug that covers the entire cooktop and provides extra protection. You need to repeat the contour of the surface to create the perfect combination and the rug will not be visible around the edges. After the transparent mat is worn out, you can replace it with a new one.

Restoring a cooktop after scratches

If your cooktop still gets scratched, you can clean it yourself or ask our repair experts for help. Simple scratches may be removed with ordinary improvised means, while complex and deep cracks need to be repaired with the help of a master so as not to damage the glass completely.

  • Baking soda and some toothpaste. If the scratch is not deep then you can remove it with this mix. Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda and a small portion of any toothpaste. Do not use hard cloth, it is best to use cotton wool or a piece of bandage. Use circular motions to spread the mixture over the scratch. Wipe off excess product with a soft cloth.
  • Special means. If the homemade method does not help to remove scratches, then you can find special creams for cleaning glass. They level the surface and fill cracks with fine particles. Such funds can be bought at an auto store or find a construction store. Also on sale, there are complete sets for reading glass and protecting such a surface.
  • Varnishing. Take a simple clear nail polish and cover up the scratch. Do this carefully and do not close the borders, remove excess parts with simple nail polish remover. The final part is polishing the entire surface of the cooktop with a simple cloth. Add some vegetable oil and this process will be easier. You can use this oil as a regular polish.
  • Special polishing paste. It is a proven agent for polishing non-ferrous and ferrous metals, alloys, plastics, polymers, or jewelry. Many people use a thin grade of chromium oxide paste to polish the glass cover to a mirror effect. To polish the cooktop, you need to apply this paste to the felt and start polishing. You don’t have to make a lot of effort and push hard. If the pressure is active it can lead to new scratches.

Cooktop brands we repair

Our team can perform any work to correct the appearance of the cooktop. We work with different manufacturers of kitchen and room furniture so please contact us if your glass surface belongs to the following companies: Electrolux, Samsung, Jennair, LG, Viking, Thermador, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Miele, Dacor, GE, and Whirlpool.

The towns we serve

Our company operates in many cities to provide customers with prompt assistance. You can find a list of cities on our website and indicate this when placing an application. Our team will come very quickly if you need an electric range repair in the following locations: Chula Vista, San Diego, Coronado, Lemon Grove, Del Mar, Bonita, Solana Beach, or Rancho Santa Fe, Santee, and Lakeside. We also help customers fix their equipment in cities: La Presa, Rancho San Diego, California, Bostonia, Fairbanks Ranch, and El Cajon or Granite Hills. If your location is in La Mesa, National City, Winter Gardens, Spring Valley, then our group also be glad to help with any repair.

Electric stove breakage

Any kitchen equipment can have functional problems. If you do not have certain knowledge and do not know how to fix an electric stove then fill out our online application to get the services of an experienced master. We diagnose breakdowns, replace parts, and make complete repairs. The reasons for the breakdown may be different: from electric stove burners blocked and not working, have damages or it does not heat up when the power is turned on. We will fix any problem because our specialists are doing their job very well.

If electric stove all burners is not working or you have another breakdown, then write to us to get qualified assistance from an experienced specialist. We carry out any repairs to this equipment so that you do not have to buy a new stove. We will also check the wiring and voltage to avoid electrical faults. Our technicians do not stop at electric stove troubleshooting because they solved any problem. 

Stove brands we repair

Any troubleshooting electric stoves can be solved if this equipment belongs to the following companies from the list. We have extensive experience in repairing equipment from these manufacturers, so you can be sure that we do our job quickly and efficiently. The list of companies includes Kenmore, Kitchenaid, Samsung, Frigidaire, Wolf, Maytag, GE, Whirlpool, Jenn Air, and many other brands. You can also contact us for help if your stove belongs to by LG, Viking, or Magic Chef.