What brand of home appliances to buy?

In this article, you will find recommendations on brands of home appliances that SD Pro Appliance Repair Service suggests to purchase. Since we often receive answers from our customers like “What brands if appliances are the best?”, “What are the most cost-effective home appliances?”, we decided to share our experience and recommend some of the best, reliable and cost-effective brands that you can find on the market.

Before listing the names of the brands we think manufacture the most reliable and long-lasting home appliances, we would like to say they we always strive to repair stuff. However, in some cases, even multiple repairs conducted by specialists can fail. In cases like this, we would recommend looking into home appliances by the following brands. To make it easier for the readers, we would provide examples on a refrigerator.

  • Samsung – This is a famous brand that manufacturers a decent quality home appliances. However, we discovered that home appliances provided by Samsung have parts that don’t last as long as for example, GE brand. Samsung refrigerators have poor sensors and we often have to deal with ice stuck in the waterline. Such issues are inexpensive to fix but they can deliver worries and inconvenience to their owners.
  • Kenmore – Most Kenmore fridges last for decades. This brand provides not only beautifully designed home appliances but durable and reliable. Kenmore home appliances don’t offer cause problems. Even when they do, this manufacture has a simple mechanism which enables us to repair or quickly.
  • Bosch – We can certainly recommend Bosch home appliances including refrigerators. Home appliances by this brand rarely go out of order and the spare parts are inexpensive.
  • GE – General Electric brand is well-known around the world for producing excellently performing refrigerators. This brand rarely delivers problems: the seal system is excellent, the spare parts are always present. The only problems that the owners of GE fridges can face are related to sensors and control boards.
  • KitchenAid and Whirlpool – These brands are a common choice since the price for home appliances by them are affordable by the majority. Kitchen appliances by these two manufacturers look modern and fit in most interior designs. However, we constantly repair thermostats in refrigerators by these brands. The temperature controller and seal system are two weakest points here.
  • Frigidaire and Electrolux – These are two brands that we wouldn’t recommend. Why? They often deliver problems, especially with control boards. The mechanisms are not advanced, therefore, refrigerators of these two brands often require repairs.

As you can see, there are at least 4 brands that provide decent quality home appliances. Samsung, GE, Bosch and Kenmore are premium brands that always cost more. There are other brands such a Thermador, Viking, and Sub-Zero that you should look into if searching for an appliance that would last for long. 

Apart from recommending brands of appliances, we would like to talk about the features that modern refrigerators have. Customers usually get attracted by such features as the control board, sensor touch panel, display, and other electronics. However, it only complicates maintenance. Such features are the weakest and often require repair service. The simpler your fridge is, the better and the fewer problems you will have with it.

Another common question that we get is: “What type of a washing machine would you recommend?” These are several types of washing machines, so we are going to review them below:

  • Front-load – front load washing machines are the most popular. LG manufactures good-quality washing machines plus it’s not complicated to repair them. The spare parts are always present, so we never have problems with fixing parts or replacing them in LG washers.
  • Top-load – such washing machines are less common stock many customers prefer such models. The best top load washing machines are by Kenmore and Whirlpool. They gave simple mechanisms and provide excellent performance. Kenmore and Whirlpool washers are reliable and durable without complicated features that often lead to malfunctions.
  • We wouldn’t recommend Samsung washers. They tend to last 5 years until a major and costly repair is required. Samsung washers break very often and to fix them takes a lot of efforts.
  • Bosch is another great brand. It doesn’t cause many problems, however, if one appears, a repair will cost a lot. The same situation with such brands as Whirlpool, Maytag and GE. These are reliable brands that last for decades. However, you should be aware of expensive repairs. To replace a spider in a washing machine of one of these brands will cost about $700 while fixing it $350.

What about recommendations for dryers? What are the best brands of the dryers?

  • LG dryers – provide good electronic.
  • Samsung – it’s an affordable option but it won’t last for longer than 3 years until a first major repair
  • Kenmore and Whirlpool – provide simple, reliable and effective performance
  • GE – are greatly working dryers but in case of a malfunction, you will have to spend much money on a repair
  • Bosch – the brand offers reliable and long-lasting dryers but as well as GE dryers require costly repair service

What about dishwashers?

  • Frigidaire and Electrolux – these are the lowest quality dishwashers that will constantly require fixing. We don’t recommend buying dishwasher appliances of these two brands
  • Samsung – it’s another brand that we won’t recommend. Dishwashers of this brand don’t last longer than 3-4 years plus repairs are required often. This brand likes to integrate electronics and sensors that get out of order quite often
  • Sharp – it’s one of the best brands that manufacture good-quality and durable dishwashers
  • Bosch and Thermador – apart from being expensive they require costly repairs

However, by buying a dishwasher of one of these brands will last you for a decade

What are the best brands of microwaves?

Just like with dishwashers, it’s best to avoid two brands: Frigidaire and Electrolux. They don’t manufacture reliable and long-lasting appliances.

The brands that we can recommend are: GE, Samsung, LG, and Sharp. 

What about stoves? What brands are recommended?

GE and Bosch are the best brands of stoves possible

Whirlpool and KitchenAid are the second choices yet high-quality

Samsung and LG are other good brands that offer decent stoves, however, you shouldn’t expect them to last them forever 

Some more tips on choosing stoves would be the following:

  1. Choose gas stoves with igniters since they are more reliable and cheaper to repair compared with electric appliances
  2. Control boards break very often, therefore, it’s better to avoid features that may look attractive but don’t really bring much usefulness

We hope that all the above-mentioned tips and recommendations will save your time on choosing the right home appliances. By selecting an appliance that offers great functionality and can be fixed at a fair price is what you should look for.