What is required for washer and dryer installation?

Installing things in your house or apartment can be quite an interesting process. If you want to install a washer and dryer yourself, it’s possible. You just need a little bit of guidance. This will be a step by step guide on how you can install such electrical goods in your home or apartment.

Normally, when you purchase such goods they come with long instructions which may as well be written in another language. They are usually not so easy to follow. So, if you keep reading this article,  you will have a better chance to complete a successful washer installation and save your money. Follow these simple instructions below. 

What is required for washer and dryer installation? San Diego

Guide to Installing a Washer

The very first thing that you will have to do is to connect to water pipes. An electrical connection is needed so you will require a 120-volt outlet with protection from the ground fault. This will prevent any issues regarding electrical interruptions with extra security.

Run the machine lines along the wall out of sight behind the machines so it’s close to inlet lines. The machines will need to share the drainage system with the sink or toilet. Clean the faucets and allow the water to run through hot and cold to make sure everything is running smoothly. Then it is essential to turn off the water mains to prevent any water leakage while the installation process is happening.

Connect the water supply to the hoses: the hot to the red and blue will be for the cold water. The following step is connecting the correct end to the faucet. Tight it, so there is no leakage. You can use a pair of pliers for this. Connect the water hoses to the back of the new washing appliance. Make sure they are tightened securely.

Then turn the water back on and check for any problems, everything should be running nice and smooth with no water leaks anywhere. The next stage is to run the drain hose into the drain receptacle. Keep in mind that you may need to put the hose into the floor or into the laundry sink depending on your setup.

Every installation is different since not all houses or apartments are set up in the same way. Usually, when doing washing machine installation, you will find a hookup point where you can attach the drain hose end. This is usually in the shape of u and will hook over the outlet box.

Use the straps and hooks to secure everything in place. You want to leave some room between the hose and the sink or drain. This will prevent any water from traveling up the pipe the wrong way and back into the washer again. Then you will want to plug the machine into the outlet. Now you can push your machine back against the wall into the position you have chosen. 

Guide to Dryer Installation

The following part of the article is about installing a dryer. If you have never done it before, here are some tips and instructions on installing a dryer yourself.

Now with a dryer installation, you must have an exhaust vent. There will be a lot of hot air used to dry wet clothes and this air will need to flow somewhere. Normally these vents are in the roof or walls. Most people have electrical dryers so you will need to have a 240-volt outlet available for the dryer to plug into. The next step is to prepare the place you want this machine to be. 

What is required for washer and dryer installation? San Diego

Make sure that the old dryer vent is cleaned, unless you have never had one and everything in the house is new. A clean vent is essential to prevent any fire. You can do this by using a vent brush or small vac, they both work very well. A dryer vent should be cleaned every two years for the best results. Now you can attach the vent hose into the back of the dryer. You can also use clamps that will give it a strong firm hold in place.

The next stage is to attach the vent hose to the wall vent. If you are using a rubber hose you should use a clamp to secure it in place. Once this is complete you can go ahead and plug in the appliance. At this point as long as you have followed all the steps correctly you should have an electric dryer plugged in and ready to work for you. When someone asks you in the future what is required for washer and dryer installation, you now know the answer. 


San Diego has many top appliance shops where you can buy everything that is needed to get your installation done. Once you have your washer and dryer up and ready to go, you will realize how good these two appliances are. They are two pieces of equipment that are essential to apartments and homes nowadays. So as you can see, fitting these essential pieces of equipment into your apartment or home is not as difficult as you may have thought. As long as you are patient and have the instruction manual with you, so you can check every step. You will be okay. 

You certainly don’t need to have any particular skills to fix these appliances in your home. All that is required is a little belief and some common sense. You must also remember that having the correct tools is very important. Being able to tighten screws and pipes the correct way is essential when installing your washer dryer appliances. 

Once you have completed this installation project, you can admire your handy work. However, you should remember that you can ask for professional help and get the project done by experts. If you would prefer to have experts to install your washer or dryers, you can contact our service in San Diego and get your washer and dryer installed at a good price within the short term.