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Cooktops bring flexibility to a kitchen. A stand-alone cooktop may also be mounted separately from the oven anywhere in the kitchen. Cooktops come in many shapes and sizes to tailor their use. You will spend from about $300 to $2000 on getting your cooktop. Then an additional charge comes with mounting the kitchen's cooktop. The cooktop installation cost can be as low as $100 or as high as $600 depending on the kind of cooktop you plan to spend about $300 on the job.

Types of Cooktops

  1. Electric cooktops
  2. Gas cooktops
  3. Induction-style cooktops
  4. Modular cooktops
  5. Electric  Cooktops

Electric cooktops are relatively cheap. It is averagely the cheapest of the four types. Another thing that makes most people for the electric ones is that it is incredibly simple to clean. Also, you can pick from several other choices without breaking the bank. It is generally available and its parts are common.

People may not like it because it doesn’t cook as effectively as the other types of cookers, but it does okay. It gets the job done, although it stays hot after you turn off the burner, while it still takes longer to get hot. 

The installation of an electric cooktop is the easiest of all four types. This is because of the already fixed power cables in the house. This makes electric cooktop installation quite economical.

Gas cooktops are slightly more expensive compared to the electric cooktops. What you get with the gas unlike cooktops that use power is the instant heat. You don’t have to wait for the cooktop to get red-hot. You can cook instantly and it fire stops once you’re done. No residual heat like the one experienced in electric cooktops. It cooks well and the food gets cooked with uniform consistency.

Gas cooktop installation may be cumbersome because you still have to make allowance for a gas line if you don’t have that presently at home. Due to this reason and other intricacies, it’s more challenging to install. However, some people can carry out the installation of gas cooktop by themselves. When time has passed on its use, it can be quite difficult to clean, especially when compared to the electric cooktops.

Induction Cooktops are very fast at getting hot. This beauty of a kitchen appliance also gets cooled down rapidly compared to the other two cooktops, electrical and gas. It is as efficient in cooking like the gas cooktops, some individuals will argue it is much better than the gas type. The consistency in the cooking is just like that of the gas cooktop.

However, it can reduce your savings considerably. It is arguably the costliest of the four cooktops and it needs compatible kitchen pots and pans for cooking. The money spent goes into buying the induction cooktop and the induction cooktop installation. Also, while using it, it produces a sound that doesn’t disturb some people but can be quite distracting/disturbing for others. This buzzing sound is unique to induction cooktops, making some people choose the gas cooktops or the electrical ones over it. The installation of an induction cooktop is very technical as well as its use in away.

Modular cooktops allow you to adjust different components of your cooktop to best match your style. Several things can be tweaked like burners, griddles, or wok fixtures. Nowadays, many cooktops have an LED display now which gives very specific temperature, burner, and cooking time readings. Some cooktops have a griddle attached to them that can be used in frying pancakes. Portable cooktops which are quite small to move around are also common. They can be used to travel and enjoy camping amongst other things.

Different Surfaces of Cooktops

Cooktops come in different lovely surfaces. This adds an extra level of luxury to your kitchen style. Some cooktops come with glass surfaces while others can just have a metal surface. Types of cooktops surfaces include:

  • Ceramic surfaces
  • Enamel surfaces
  • Glass surfaces
  • Porcelain surfaces
  • Stainless steel surfaces

The choices of cooktop surfaces come with qualities and drawbacks. Some of them are more expensive compared to others with the porcelain being the most expensive and the stainless steel being the cheapest. Challenges of cleaning vary with each type you choose and this directly or indirectly also affects its longevity.

You also need to know which surface goes with a particular type of cooktop. Stainless steel is commonly used with gas cooktops while any of the remaining can be used with the electric cooktop. The glass and the ceramic surfaces are perfect for the induction cooktops and are relatively cheap compared to enamel and porcelain.

Let’s explore vital components of a Cooktop Installation

Burners of Cooktops

Many cooktops have four burners and differ according to cooktops you may be familiar with. However, customized cooktops with an additional burner of one or two may be purchased. Simmer burners that only hit a low temperature to simmer or hold food warm can also be used for such additional burners, with high heat burners that are designed for high temperatures over regular burner products.

Ventilation System of Cooktops

Many cooktops are fitted with a ventilation system. This system uses a fan on the rear of the cooktop, which rises from a flat floor, and pushes the vent downwards and smokes it downwards. It is useful if your cooktop is mounted in an environment where a conventional hood is not necessary.

When you opt not to have a configuration with a ventilation system, you will add a ventilation system. Hood vents, including microwave vents, are one choice. Wall windings can also be an option depending on where you live and which building codes are based in your city. Be mindful that ventilation must be connected to the outside through ducts for output. The further the cooktop is located from the ventilation area, the higher the costs for vent installation.

Cooktop Installation Service

Installing a cooktop is very easy. Typically, the countertop is templated and cut in advance to match the cooktop. If this is a direct substitution, insure that the cooktop dimensions complement the old models in such a manner that the current cooktop blends into the original countertop.

The cooktop is partly sunk into the countertop. This means that the fuel sources are either attached to the gas or connected to the electric connection up on the wall. The cooktop is lowered to the countertop once the fuel is attached. An adhesive is applied along the perimeter until it makes full contact.

The technician would probably test the cooktop and make sure it works and make any necessary changes. The whole cycle takes less than an hour if gas or electricity are already in operation. If they do not, it can take longer because they have to be run in the right place.

Costs Associated with Cooktop Stove Installation

Most stand-alone cooktops are powered and fitted with electricity. Prices for a gas cooktop are almost the same because a gas line already operates in the kitchen and the cooktop is hooked up. If a gas line is to run into the oven, there will be additional costs, based on how far the gas line is to flow. The average cost for a regular electric cooktop is about $300 -$500. Also, the average installation on a gas cooktop is $700, based on the current gas line.

Gas cooktop installation cost may be quite high a reason to be interested in doing it yourself. But check the risk involved and only go ahead when you’re sure of your skills. If not a gas cooktop installation service will be a reasonable option to go for. There are several options to pick from, with a single search of “gas cooktop installation service near me” online, you’ll be able to get one at your doorstep.

Although a gas cooktop installation near me search can bring lots of companies. However, you only need a reputable one with experienced technicians. Those are the ones that will set up your cooktop and carry you along on the steps involved. While placing your safety and that of your house above all else.

Cooktop Installation Near Me

Also, cooktops have now been built with a Wi-Fi component, so you can cook with your smartphone. But to set up an appliance this complex why not get SDPro technicians to install your new cooktop. This will prevent damaging any component of the cooktop in the process. Experts who are already familiar with such appliances know how to take great care in handling and installing a cooktop. Our schedule is flexible and readily adjusted to suit your availability.

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