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Walk-In Freezer Installation

You have just bought a walk-in freezer or you’re planning to get one and you to require freezer installation services. The best way to get your installation done is by experienced installation experts. However, this can be a lot of hassle. It can be a difficult process of getting a quote or the frustration of identifying the right technician for the installation.

The answer to all these mental stress is howdens integrated fridge freezer installation. This will ensure excellent job delivery. But there are several things to look out for when it comes to a new fridge or freezer installation. And certain establishments will benefit from fridge or freezer installation service. We have been able to deliver successful installation to several places like:

  • Cafeterias
  • Care-giving
  • Floral Stores
  • Food warehouses
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Mortuary
  • Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Sports centers

One of the reasons people refer others to us is the warranty we offer. Therefore, if there’s any problem, or something goes wrong, which happens rarely with us, then you can be assured of getting a solution without any extra cost. Our technicians will reach you in freezer installation follow-up protocol. Businesses can be tricky. And to avoid such risks, having a company that provides some sense of guarantee goes a long way.

Below are some of the tips used by our experts for freezer installation. This can cut your walk-in freezer installation cost significantly. You may also be one of those versatile ones. You just need a little direction and you’re able to find your way around. This may not be your regular electrical appliance but still, challenges like this are not uncommon to you.

So allow us to take you through a form of installation tour. If you are keen to be proficient at this, we have your back. Our team of experts can easily set-up training for you. As this will help you learn from practising and experienced professionals.

Certain things like the following are important:

The Preparation of the Location: There are certain things to do before you think of installing your walk-in freezer. You will need to put everything concerning the location into consideration. Your place has to be suitable and ready. A levelled ground for the freezer to be placed is important.

The distance of the walk-in from the ceiling of your location is vital. This needs to be able to house the condensing unit housing. It is also paramount that you give adequate allocation to ensure proper circulation of air.

For this give a separation of about 2 inches minimum. This will not only permit enough air circulation but also allow for maintenance service. Such a gap makes it easier for you or the personnel servicing the walk-in fridge or freezer to operate. Also, if there was a mistake in the measurement given, then that extra allowance will still enable a successful installation.

A Thorough Inspection: This is the first thing to be done on the arrival of the fridge or freezer. The crucial step of preparing the freezer room for installation before the appliance gets to you is essential. However, the next thing once that is sorted out is the scrutiny of the delivered fridge or freezer.

The success of a new freezer installation may be hampered by a missing part or a damaged part. This is why it’s necessary to check the box thoroughly. This is preferably better done before the delivery truck departs your facility.

Flooring Installation: Follow the images for the installation. Begin with the floor panels if your walk-in already has a floor. This the first thing to assemble. Each panel has to be arranged in sequence, fitting perfectly to form a square. The cam-fasteners are needed to be tightened here to ensure precision.

If you don’t have a walk-in floor, then utilize floor angles. Some companies will attach them with the consignments. The floor angles can be affixed to the screeds or wall sections. The key thing here is to screw the floor angles to the floor in a straight fashion squarely while being properly spaced.

The Cam-Lock Setup: There’s always an installation diagram that accompanies all walk-in freezers. This shows the various parts of the appliance. Understanding the images helps with freezer panel installation and the installation of an integrated fridge or freezer. One of the key pictures to look out for is the cam-lock fasteners. These are used in connecting lots of the walk-in panels.

For the cam-lock to work properly the arm on one end needs to connect with the lock in the opposite panel. And this needs to run through a locking pin. This will ensure the shutting of both panels when the lock is turned to provide a secure closure.

To achieve the appropriate functioning of the cam-locks, place the walk-in panels in a spot that it can receive the interior of the opposing panel. This will make the access holes of the vertical latch on the left side a perfect spot to sit. You’ll need a hex wrench to activate the cam-locks. They usually come with the freezer crates but get the 5/16 inch one if it’s not available.

Wall and Ceiling Installation: The wall panel can be assembled. This is particularly helpful when there’s limited space. Always make sure to be looking at the interior of the freezer panel. The vertical latch access holes have to be on the left side of the panel. Afterwards, proceed to the ceiling. But before then complete the wall fittings. You should be done with that at the corners before carrying out the ceiling installation.

The cam-locks must be tightly fitted. Afterwards, the ceiling assembling should be done. This will secure the wall panels in place. You can afford some level of support while assembling the ceiling section.

Door Frame Assembly: It is particularly beneficial to do this after the walls and the ceiling. Some do otherwise. But, we advise this system because it helps when there’s inadequate space around the location of your walk-in freezer. This will make your fridge or freezer installation easy and step-wise. Also, it makes evaluating the effectiveness and perfection of your set-up. New freezer installation can be particularly cumbersome if you have no prior experience.

The ceiling panels and the wall panels uses cam-locks to remain fixed. These need to be released. Doing that will not only allow for an easier installation of the door frame but also make you move around effectively enough to fit it in successfully. Once you’re done fitting the door frame cross-check that its level with a spirit level tool. Once the symmetry is confirmed, proceed to refasten the cam-locks back into place.

Caulking: If you’ve used a chest freezer before, you know they’re air-tight. This ensures its efficiency if one doesn’t ensure the same quality in a walk-in freezer. That simply means that the installation doesn’t measure up to the necessary standard. You need to make sure the avoidance of fridge and freezer installation cost is worth it. You need about 300g caulking gun to seal about every 5 square meters of the panel surfaces. This helps to seal any hole or gap that may have been unavoidable.

Fridge or Freezer Technicians Near You

If you find all the above vague, it’s better a company who runs such a service as a business to do it. The experience is there and undeniable. They can provide the services you need at a reasonable price.

Professionals in setting up walk-in freezers are always around the corner. You may only need to search and select the one of your choice. But SDPro Appliance Repair is your best bet.

Benefits of choosing our company include the basic guidance we provide. This and many more could be formulated into a checklist to ensure all things are dealt with appropriately:

  • Cost
  • Ease of use
  • Energy & Efficiency
  • Features
  • Indoor or outdoor unit
  • Maintenance & Longevity
  • Permits
  • Prefab or custom made walk-in refrigerator
  • Quality
  • Size & type of refrigeration system
  • Size of unit
  • Walk-in refrigerator, walk-in freezer or combo unit
  • Warranty

You need a trained expert to assist to install your appliance to avoid the stress. As earlier said, you can either have them as a trainer and you the trainee. You can also have them come do the installation for you, hassle-free. You may have a custom-made or prefab, but you still need a pro at your facility.Our team of experts are also trained in carrying out electric connections repairs and installations. The custom-made boxes could necessitate the expertise of an architect and our company has worked with excellent ones. They have several experiences in mapping out walk-in freezer sites. We are capable of dealing with any freezer room installation and everything that comes with it. Reach out to us and get a quote.

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