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Before going into the installation of microwave ovens let’s peep at the history of this kitchen appliance. Like other great inventions, the microwave is an accidental discovery. At Raytheon Pharmaceutical Company, where he worked, U.S. electrical engineer Percy Spencer conducted numerous experiments using a magnetron. Around the time, the biggest use of magnetrons was in radar.

As microwave ovens became popular in the 1970s, simplicity improved to a new level. The former ovens in existence before heats-up food very slowly. And the heating occurs from the outside before reaching the interior part. But a microwave uses small, high-powered radio waves to cook food. A microwave can cook a beef joint 5 times faster than a traditional oven. This will increase the rate of microwave installation service being rendered to Americans homes.

Microwave ovens also maintain energy, because you can heat up to high temperatures without waiting for the oven. Let’s explore installing a Microwave Oven with or without a Vent Fan. Yet let's start without a breeze first. Similar to microwaves, it's smoother.

Configuration of an Over-the-Range Microwave Fan

Over-the-range microwave deployment is always better than you thought. When you replace an unused vent hood or older microwave with a new oven, you can do a microwave installation over stove easily with standard equipment. You'll definitely need a backup because an extra pair of hands is necessary.

Although the project seems somewhat overwhelming, an over-the-range microwave oven comes packed with racks, models and directions to render assembling the appliance relatively easy. When the room available is the right size with appropriately positioned adjacent cabinets and an overhead cabinet to accommodate ductwork connections then fitting an over-the-range microwave involves a few hours' work.

In its simplest form, the project involves placing a mounting bracket on the back wall, cutting access holes in the upper cabinet to feed the electrical cord and vent pipe, hooking the oven onto the mounting bracket, and bolting the oven through the upper cabinet. Cover the ductwork and screw in the microwave. But, as with many home improvement projects, it's sometimes more difficult.

SDPro Technicians are your Best Bet

The construction will be relatively easy if the room above or behind the microwave has access to an electrical outlet and an existing vent pipe runs through the sidewall or the roof. If not, you can find the job complicated by the need to install a new electrical circuit and run new ductwork and an exterior vent. At this stage, the concept moves from intermediate to advanced level both with the skills required and the microwave installation cost.

When your talents aren't up to it, it might be best to call an electrical contractor, the vent job, or both. When extensive cabinetry work is needed, such as building an upper cabinet to position the oven and run the ductwork and electrical wire, another potential problem. Once, this makes an intermediate project more ambitious and can turn a few hours of work into a weekend project.

Most DIYers already own certain equipment for this project. At most, you'll need to buy some devices, none really costly. But at least you can cut the cost of microwave installation by more than two-thirds.

Implementations needed to do microwave ovens installation.

  • Carpenter pencil
  • Database of studs
  • Jigsaw
  • Masking rope
  • Masking tape
  • Metal screws
  • Over-the-range microwave
  • Protected vision
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Screw bits
  • Screwdriver Phillips
  • Tape rule
  • Tin snips
  • Vent collar or other fittings
  • Wrench and sockets

Find the Studs

The mounting strip holding the microwave back must be fixed to wall studs, not just the wallboard. Use a stud finder to locate the studs in space below the upper cabinet. Use a ladder to stretch the lines down the wall, marking them with a marker.

Attach Wallpaper Design

Your microwave should have two paper templates: one on the back wall, one on the upper cabinet. Apply masking tape to the wall base.

Attach the Paper Template to the Cabinets

After the second prototype down the upper cabinet. This diagram illustrates where to drill holes for power cords and venting. Drill these holes at the indicated locations with a spade bit. You must also drill holes for the oven’s mounting screws, at the specified positions.

Cut Openings for the Vent

The position for the vent will depend on whether the actual vent passes up through the roof, or via the back wall behind the oven. Use a jigsaw to cut an entrance in either the back wall template or the bottom of the upper cabinet, depending on how the vent and ductwork are set up. You will realize that before raising the oven, you may need to attach a vent collar or change covering or make other changes to the venting function of the oven.

Setup the Mounting Bracket

Place and mount the metal mounting frame, following the manufacturer's instructions, on the back wall. Ideally, the strip should be grounded at stud sites. Where a minimum two studs cannot be attached, the manufacturer may provide instructions for using alternative anchors to mount the bracket. Yet connecting the strip to at least one wall panel, preferably two.

Put Microwave Oven

Using a buddy, raise the microwave into place, feeding the electrical cord through the upper cabinet’s drilled hole. Keep the buddy carry the majority of the weight and hook the oven's slots over the tabs on the metal mounting bracket. Keep your helper against the upper cabinet as you move quickly to the next step.

Remove the Top Screws

Your assembly kit will come with self-aligning mounting bolts. For the companion remaining the microwave, go up into the upper cabinet and thread the bolts through the drilled holes and into the oven frame. When connected, your aid can let go. Tighten the remaining screws with a wrench. Use a height when tightening to ensure the oven is perfectly horizontal. This is a crucial step when carrying out the above stove microwave installation.

Link the Duct

When your microwave is vented by ductwork, link the vent outlet to the ductwork. A type of transfer fitting may be needed; using tin snips and metal screws, if required, to shape and secure the parts. Seal the metal tape parts. Don't use normal duct tape. Plug the oven and check the process.

Installing an Over-the-Range Microwave Fan

A microwave oven intended to be installed over a cooking range like an oven or a stove typically has a built-in ventilator and light fixture to illuminate the stove-top. Typically, these microwaves work between adjacent wall cabinets and below a special upper cabinet that covers the vent connections and electrical outlet. Added to an existing kitchen, this form of microwave replaces the existing range hood and ventilator. This calls for skilled over oven microwave installation and over the stove microwave installation.

While some over-the-range microwaves use simplistic recirculating fans that do little more than removing cooking vapours and return air to the house, the best models have external vents that escape externally by ductwork running through the roof or outside wall.

There are different instructions for the installation of microwave ovens, but all follow similar processes:

  • Electrical outlet installation
  • Cutting pipe and exhaust cover openings
  • Install exhaust and vent cover
  • Place wall bracket
  • Drilling cabinet holes
  • Pack microwave vent
  • Microwave mounting
  • Connect ductwork
  • Program success

Doing an over the oven microwave installation requires advanced carpentry expertise and comprehensive electrical circuit-work experience. If you don't trust your expertise, you may want to hire a handyperson, carpenter, or electrician for any of this job. SDPro appliance repair is one of the best at microwave hood installation, overhead microwave installation, and built-in microwave installation. The benefits you get include installation services and repairs at a discounted price.

Searches like microwave installation near me are common for a reason. People need to get their microwave oven fixed without problems. The hassle is not worth it, considering the recurrent stress an improperly done DIY may cause. Join in and search for microwave installation service near me or better still come to SDPro Appliance Repair to assemble your microwave.

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