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If you are looking for professional assistance for gas stove installation service, then you come to the right place. At Install New Cooker, we got you covered for stove installation for most brands. We comprehend that changing your heating systems is quite a big decision; that is why we help you in choosing good gas stoves and install them as correctly and conveniently as possible. Whether you are looking for professional advice or experts to install your furnaces, you can rely on us. Furthermore, we provide you with bespoke services to meet our client changing needs and specifications.

All gas cooker, hobs, stoves, and boilers installation is carried out by someone who is gas safe registered. But at the same time, installing your cookers by someone who is not gas safe registered, is entirely illegal and potentially dangerous. Install New Cooker only hire gas safe registered engineers and electrical installers and ensure that all your cookers are installed accurately. We efficiently install your cookers, hobs, stoves, dual fuel cookers, and boilers which means the appliance may not cause problems in the future and help you in saving your hard-earned money. Whether you wanted to install new stoves or disconnect the old one, SD PRO APPLIANCE REPAIR is happy to help you!

So what services do we offer?

  • Our primary services may include;
  • Gas hob installation
  • Gas oven installs
  • Freestanding gas cooker installation
  • Electric hobs โ€“ both ceramic and induction
  • Electric ovens โ€“ singles and doubles
  • Cooking gas โ€“ gas, and electric
  • Dual fuel cookers
  • Washing machine โ€“ freestanding and integrated
  • Freestanding electric cookers
  • Dishwasher - freestanding and integrated
  • Any required remedial work
  • Fridge freezer - freestanding and integrated

About our registered engineers:

Our professional and local gas cooker fitters not only help you in installing your cookers, ovens, or hobs, but they also specialize in the cooker, oven, hob, and stove disconnection. We only provide you with gas safe registered engineers who are thoroughly knowledgeable and have the expertise to disconnect your gas appliances. Our professionals have many years of experience, as they are providing you with the highest quality services and know the meaning of professionalism. We know it is important to disconnect your gas cooking appliance, that is why we offer you professional and experienced engineers who help you to do so, as they make your life much more comfortable. Moreover, we ensure that every job is done correctly and safely and make sure that there are no gas leaks.

Cooker Connection:

Our engineers are aware of how worrying it can be when such a dangerous task is carried out in your premises, which is why our professional carry out a test and check youโ€™re the leakage of gas thoroughly before leaving your homes. Gas is the most dangerous substance found in every property which is why it is essential that only professionals work with it. However, this protects not just you, and you're loved but also your property. Install New Cooker offers you the first-class services, competitive rates, and knowledge that make you happy with our services. We keep our clients informed about everything, as we donโ€™t like to keep them in the dark.

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