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A Quick Freezer and Refrigerator Repair Service Near Me

The freezer and refrigerator is a vital piece of our homes now. The preservation of food is invaluable. It is crucial in summers and in winters too. Unless you want to leave your foodstuff out in the snow. But what happens when it stops working. All hell breaks loose and you start looking for a freezer fixer.

The stench and defrosted water will be devastating. Your home will be almost inhabitable. Why suffer all that when you can get freezer repair services to come in a jiffy. Or better still prevent such issues. All you need to do is search for freezer repair service near me and get a quality freezer servicing for your appliance.

Common Fridge/Freezer Problems

There are quite a number of malfunctions that can affect your fridge or freezer. This is why you may need fridge and freezer repairs occasionally. You need expert and experienced fridge and freezer fixers who work for a reputable freezer repair company. This will ensure hassle-free post repairs experience. People purchase different types of freezers and it is important for the technician to be conversant with them all. A good expert will know how to deal with a chest freezer, or an upright freezer, or a fridge-freezer combo and several others.

Your Freezer Won’t Power-on: You went on a vacation or travelled for an event, you get back home to enjoy a few chilled drinks. What happens next rattles you. You open the freezer and the most horrendous stench hits you. The milk is cuddled and bad. The leftover fish is growing maggots. Everything has spoilt, but you left the freezer on. You check and it is plugged in. This can be frustrating. Ensure the plugs are well inserted into the sockets. Switch it on, if the freezer still doesn’t come on, then you probably need a home freezer repair.

Freezer Producing Unwanted Frosting: It’s good that it is working, but when it starts getting overboard, something needs to be done. At the point when your freezer starts overcooling, and it starts affecting the pipes and causing discomfort, you may need a general freezer repair.

Food is not Frozen/Freezer is not working: Sometimes you notice your foodstuffs get bad and some frozen things start getting defrosted despite being powered on. That calls for alarm. As far as the door is shut, the cooling temperature should keep things frozen inside. When this doesn’t happen, you should call for local fridge freezer repairs.

Slacking Door Seals/Gaskets: This can go unnoticed for a while. This is because you still get things frozen to some extent. But you may get a puddle of water around your fridge or freezer. If you have noticed this in your home, try these tricks. Keep a thermometer in the fridge till the next day. Ensure the thermometer is in a cup. Another thing you can try Pass your credit card or a complementary card through the split, if it comes through, then your seal is faulty. You need to the service of a professional who repairs fridge and freezers.

Noisy Freezer Appliance: There are few things more embarrassing than a freezer that makes noise. Every guest you host can hear its disturbing sounds. This may even affect your relaxation time and induce stress, which is not good for you home. It may be a bad compressor. Why not rid yourself of the problematic freezer, repairing the appliance will solve the problem.

Why you need Expert Freezer/Fridge Repairers

Professionals can carry out cheap fridge and freezer repairs in no time. All they need is to run a diagnostics. This is an additional procedure to the complaint you may have given them. This helps prevent future faults and detect other underlying issues. Some other parts may have malfunctioned and may have been uncovered during these routine diagnostics:

  • Bad defrosters
  • Bad fans
  • Bad safety switches
  • Broken compressors
  • Spoilt condenser fans
  • Damaged heaters
  • Damaged motors
  • Defective defrost control timers
  • Defective evaporator coils
  • Faulty door controls
  • Faulty evaporator fans
  • Faulty overload protectors
  • Malfunctioning thermostats
  • Spoilt Relays

If you attempt to do a freezer repair by yourself, you may worsen the case. Or as mentioned earlier, you may miss the impending doom about to befall the compressor, evaporator fans, or safety switches of your fridge or freezer. This is the reason it’s better and safer to get the services of a freezer repairer.

If these problems persist, it can cost higher than it would have if fixed earlier. The stress that comes with extra spending especially during this COVID-19 era is unimaginable. You need to be as conservative as possible. A stitch in time saves nine. Those are nine other stitches that would be required if the present one is not fixed. Therefore, a refrigerator or freezer repair fixed in time saves nine other parts that may suffer as a result. Just get a repair service near you and protect your money and mind.

Cheap Local Freezer Repairs Near Me

SD Pro appliance repair is the choice company in rendering fridge and freezer repair service. Our experts specialize in handling several freezer appliance repairs like upright freezer repair and refrigerator-freezer combos fixes. Detecting faulty parts is what they are trained to do. Getting replacements parts is their expertise. The experience they have, makes them so easy to work with. They’ll carry you along and you’ll understand every step they’re taking to get your appliance back to its optimal condition.

If your freezer is out of order and you’ve given up, we may yet get it working in fine condition again. Why save a little extra and enjoy our cheap and discounted prices. The freezer you’ve given up on may just need a few replacement parts. Only on inspection can such things be detected. Therefore, avail yourself of the opportunity to get a professional in your locality at a fair price. If you have any of the freezers or refrigerators below, give us a call:

  • Compact
  • Freezer-less
  • French door
  • Side-by-side
  • The counter-depth or built-in
  • Top and bottom freezers

From scheduling repairs to getting the technician over, it is pretty straightforward. It’s a hassle-free process and you’ll be guided step by step. Our goal is the value you receive at the end of our dealing, and that is your fridge/freezer working well. The brands we repair are vast. They range from GE to LG, from Electrolux to Caloric, from Samsung to Avanti, just book a time that works for you, place your repair order, and the right tech will be with you shortly.

Tips for Maintaining your Freezer

Well, we don’t want to be repairing your freezer or repairing your fridge every other month. We want you to enjoy your money’s worth. So, let’s leave you with few tips on keeping your refrigerator/freezer in top condition.

  • Clean your appliance once every 6 months. Use baking soda and detergent and wipe the walls. Ensure you dry thoroughly afterwards. You can do all this with the fridge or freezer on. You shouldn’t be worried about getting shocked, but if you are, get a freezer fixer or freezer servicing.
  • Vacuum the Condenser Coils of your Appliance Annually. This is because the accumulation of dust in the condenser can affect the proper functioning of the engine.

Professionalism and Efficiency of SD Pro Appliance Repairers

Our technicians are well-trained individuals. They represent the company’s values everywhere and every time they’re called upon. Our teams of experts have fixed appliances ranging into millions between them. This can give you a picture of the experience and expertise they possess. Most of them have a decade’s experience in dealing with fridge and freezer repairs.

You also get the benefit of getting your appliances fixed within 24 hours. Everything that concerns your freezer fault is done within the same day. Even when it has to deal with replacing faulty and broken parts, you’ll get those delivered and coupled within minutes. There’s no worries and lengthy diagnostics or repairs that get weary.

Our experts also provide routine freezer servicing and maintenance to still functioning freezers. You don’t have to wait till a problem comes up before getting your fridge serviced. This helps your appliances take some necessary breaks more like therapeutic breaks since they most likely work round the clock. These routine diagnostics and maintenance services save you money that’ll be spent in the event of a fault. This is the smartest way of conditioning your freezer than waiting for it to break down for repair.

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