Dishwasher problems

Dishwasher fills slowly

– Most often, the reason lies in the weak pressure of water from the aqueduct. It is necessary to wait when the head will be optimal for the qualitative work of the dishwasher.
– Clogged or defective, the water supply valve is clogged with sediments.

Dishwasher won’t drain

– The drain hose is bent in some place, so the water does not physically leave the dishwasher.
– Clogged coarse filter.
– The pump is faulty.
– The pressure switch is faulty.
– The control board is broken.

Dishwasher vibrating or shaking

– Failure of the drain pump;      – Failure of impeller bearings or working pumping equipment, which ensures the circulation of water in the process of washing dishes;
– Incorrect placement of dishes or presence of foreign objects in the chamber;
– Incorrect installation, due to which the device vibrates and rumbles.

The dishwasher is making a loud noise

This is usually caused by residual food or even glass shards that have fallen into the pump impeller or sprinklers. This is caused by worn bearings in the pump or electric motor.

Dishwasher won’t start

– Is there a voltage in the network, if there is one, then the indication of the control panel should be lit.
– The control board has broken. Water may have fallen on the control board, resulting in condensation or other causes.

Dishwasher overflowing

– The inlet water valve may be faulty, it does not turn off after sufficient water has accumulated in the machine, then the dishwasher will overflow. In this case, the water supply valve must be replaced.
– The float switch is defective, which prevents the dishwasher from overflowing. If the float switch is defective, it must be replaced.

Dishwasher door or lid won’t lock

– Defective door latch​. Make a visual check, if the latch is damaged, then it must be replaced with a new one.
– The door fastener is broken. If the door strike is broken, then replace it.
– Defective control board. If the control card is still faulty, its replacement is also necessary.

Dishwasher stops mid cycle

– If the dishwasher stops during washing, this may indicate the presence of any malfunctions in the machine. Most often, stops are associated with clogs in the drain system.
– Intermittent water supply during the washing cycle. In such cases, the dishwasher reaches a cycle of draining or flooding the water and cannot continue because of blockages in the drainage system. Or there is no water supply.
– If the dishwasher simply stops and the display shows the remaining time, and after the door is closed, the washing process is restarted – this may indicate incorrect installation (not tight closing of the door lock), faulty door lock.
– In some cases, the program does not even begin, and in some cases does not reach the stake. You can identify the problem in this case by entering the service mode and determining the error code, or by running a diagnostic complex.