Ice maker problems

Ice maker problems

Our company provides high-quality and fast services for the repair of household appliances. Now you don’t need to think about buying new equipment, our team will not leave you with broken technique even if your ice maker stopped working. The type of device is not important to our experienced team. Our experts are a group of qualified craftsmen who work with different types of equipment and brands-manufacturers.

Contact us or leave a request on the website, our manager will answer you as soon as possible. We understand how important it is for you not to be left without working household appliances because it gives a lot of inconvenience. Our master will arrive very quickly and take the necessary tools for diagnostics and repair. He will fix any breakdowns, even if they are various icemaker problems.

Types of breakdowns

Don’t be discouraged if your equipment doesn’t give ice. Breakdowns can occur for various reasons and most of them can be fixed. Our team will come to you if your icemaker not working. We will carefully examine the state of the technique to describe the failure to you. If there is a need for replacement parts, our specialist will do it without your help. You do not need to waste time looking for the necessary detail – our masters will take original spare parts of this brand.

Malfunctions and their causes

The control lever is in the wrong position. The pause function can be activated with a dedicated lever. If the ice reservoir is full then the lever goes to pause mode. The lever may have dropped or been repositioned. This led to ice maker troubleshooting because ice production has stopped.


  • Disconnected plumbing
    Such equipment receives water through a special hose that is connected to the water supply and goes from the refrigerator. This hose could become clogged with small particles and prevent the water supply. The valve may be closed, the bracket or attachment may be blocked.


  • Dirty filter
    Another and one of the most common ice machine troubleshooting is blocked filtration systems. Small particles and various debris could block the fine filter mesh. This is a common problem and is often addressed by the manufacturer. Open the manual and find the filter. You may be able to replace or clean it yourself.


  • Inlet valve broken
    This valve is often located behind the refrigerator. It depends on the type of your icemaker. Unplug the refrigerator and stop the water supply. Locate the valve and check its mesh and filter. There could also accumulate debris that interferes with the smooth operation of the system. Our technician will also check the condition of the valve. It may be damaged or limited by external influences from wires, walls and so on.

Your ice maker not working for various reasons. There are common breakdowns whose repairs are done very quickly. But there are also more serious problems where just cleaning the filter is not enough. We will look at other issues that also make this equipment unusable.


Other common ice maker problems:

  • The machine does not make ice. The water line could freeze. Unplug the refrigerator and other equipment to use the hair dryer. Unfreeze the line and the technique should work fine. If you do not hear water dripping, then you need to contact the master.
  • There is not enough ice. Your icemaker is running and you get ice. But its size and shape are not the same as they were originally. The problem is approaching, the water line starts to freeze.
  • Leakage of water. Your device works but water is flowing outside. Perhaps the refrigerator is crooked on the floor. Make sure the water supply line is not pinched, shifted or kinked. Also, the icemaker may not be level.

Brands we work with

If your freezer not making ice then you need the help of experienced experts who work in our company. Our service will help you fix any breakdown and the price of such work is very pleasant. You don’t need to run out of cold drinks because we will fix your icemaker in a few hours. Our craftsmen work with various brands and models of such equipment: Samsung, GE, Frigidaire, Kenmore, LG, Kitchenaid, Whirlpool, Uline. Our professionals have many years of experience and all the necessary tools to make repairs quickly and efficiently.

Ice maker repair service in San Diego

If you do not know how to fix ice maker then ask our experts for help. Our company will find an experienced craftsman for you in a few minutes. Our clients in San Diego and Coronado will receive fast and quality assistance for any home appliance repair. We will not leave you with a difficult choice about buying a new icemaker. Contact us and we will fix any problem. This service will help you get the working equipment and save a lot of money on buying a new one. It is very profitable and simple, we respond to each order very quickly.