Oven problems

Oven broiler not working

– The heating element is defective. If during work it does not glow red or does not burn, then in this case it is working.
– The electrode of the gas ignition electrodes is faulty.
– The thermostat is defective, because of what the element of the broiler does not heat up. In this case, its replacement is required.
– Probably oxidized or burned wires that feed the frying element or burner ignitor.

Oven doesn’t bake evenly

– One or several heating elements should be damaged if the dishes are cooked unevenly, one side is baked at maximum temperature and the other remains practically untouched. In order to check the assumption it is necessary to turn on the oven and after a while hand wrapped in a towel, touch the TENs. If one of them is cold, then you will have to replace it with a new one.
– It happens that the heating elements are normal, the temperature is set correctly, but the dishes still do not want to bake evenly. In this case, the thermostat most likely broke.

Oven not heating

– The oven power cord is damaged.
– Faulty switch or fuse. If there has recently been a power failure or a power outage, it is possible that the switch or fuse of the electric oven has been damaged and must be replaced.

– The reason for the unsatisfactory operation of the gas oven may be insufficient supply of gas. Check that the gas valve on the pipe is fully open.
– If the power cord, switch, fuse is OK, and with the gas supply all right – try using the reset function of control and other oven programs.

– Check if the cooking mode programs are used correctly. Perhaps you have the “delayed start” mode (heating delay), then the oven will not heat up until a certain time.
– If the problem is in the electric oven, it may be necessary to replace the heating element, igniter, thermostat, selector switch, safety valve or wiring.

Oven fan won’t turn off

– If after running the program, the oven fan continues to turn, the thermostat may be faulty.
– The control board is defective.

Oven light is out

– The oven lighting lamp burnt out.
– The lamp socket is defective.

Oven door repair

After some time of operation, the element of closing the door begins to seize, it is not enough to close tightly. If the door closes badly, it must be repaired.

Oven not self-cleaning

– The oven thermostat is faulty. The oven thermostat supplies voltage to the heating circuit and regulates the temperature of the oven during the self-cleaning cycle. The thermostat can work correctly for baking and frying, but not for cleaning.
– The control board is defective.
– The thermal fuse is defective. Then a safety feature that protects the oven from overheating.

Oven temperature not accurate

– The oven thermostat is not adjusted or set incorrectly.
– On electrical ranges, one of the heating elements may be defective. Make sure they are lit or heated during the cycle.

Oven won’t turn off

– The control board is defective if the oven continues to heat after it is turned off;
– The temperature control thermostat is faulty;
– If the heating element burns, it can become sealed inside the oven. If the heating element is closed, the oven will not be turned off.

Oven won’t turn on

– Gas igniter is defective.
– If the heating element is burned, it will be visibly damaged, then its replacement is necessary.
– If the thermal fuse has tripped, the oven will overheat and it will not be able to turn on.
– Damaged wires that feed the wind element or igniter.