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What Bosch above stove microwave installation kit do you need to safely install a new kitchen appliance? In order to install your over the gas or electric range Bosch microwave, you need to have at least some skills and tools. Most of our customers don't have the necessary tools to install a cooking appliance without professional help. This is why SD Pro Appliance repair service offers professional installation of all home appliances including stoves, dryers, and washers. If you want to free space and get a microwave out of your way, then you will need experts’ help. We have installed hundreds of microwaves over cooktops and can say that it’s one of the wisest decisions. 

Why would you ask us to help with stove installation Bosch? First of all, we can save you time. Secondly, we hire experts who know how to install stoves and ovens so they work safely. Even though new appliances come with a manual and you can also follow Bosch gas stove top installation instructions, however, we would recommend you to leave it to experts. Installing a gas stove can be dangerous and if you don't know much about stove parts, ask for professional help. 

Bosch above stove microwave installation kit

The reason why you need experts to help you with installation is safety. If you want your stainless steel microwave to be installed over the stove, we recommend a distance of 30 inches. It's necessary, so the heat from cooktop burners don't damage the bottom part of your microwave. 

You will save time and money on asking SD Pro Appliance Repair Service to help you with the installation. An over the range microwave oven installation includes measuring, mounting the appliance to the wall, and instructing on correct maintenance. If you want to get Bosch above stove microwave installation kit yourself and then trying to install it, you will spend a lot of money and still won't be sure that the appliance is mount securely. 

Our other benefits are:

  • Fair prices
  • Service on weekends, evenings and holidays
  • Only experienced technicians
  • High-quality repairs
  • Installation and repairs in San Diego and area 

So don't hesitate to call us and ask for a professional Bosch appliance installation on short notice. We hire a big team of technicians, therefore, we can always find someone who can visit your place and install your appliance quickly and at an affordable price.  


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